1. "Do you ship to Australia or the rest of the world?"- We are currently looking at different shipping options to Australia and beyond, we will announce this once we have it all sorted.
  2. "Where are you located?"- We are located in Hamilton New Zealand.
  3. "Do you have a physical store?"- No we are currently only available online.
  4. "Will you ever be stocked in any stores?"- We definitely want to be in some stores in the future.
  5. "Who does all your illustrations?"- All our illustrations are hand drawn by Brydie our Founder.
  6. "Who prints the designs on your apparel?"- All printing is done here in Hamilton New Zealand by Samuel our Co Owner and in house printer.
  7. "Where do you get your apparel?"- We currently source our apparel from AS Colour, but are looking into having our own manufactured.
  8. "How many staff are in SheDrew?" - There are only two staff members, Brydie and Samuel Donaldson.